Hall of Fame

1 Donas USA 01/12/2016
I loved your riddle! Well not so much the Luth math :P Great job, I'm looking forward to the next one.
2 dutchie Netherlands 01/12/2016
Finished your riddle :) Some tricky levels, Z especially! Enjoyed it very much, thanks for making. Looking forward to the next :)
3 small-tool Belgium 01/12/2016
Very good first riddle. I had fun with every level :) Looking forward to the next one :)
4 Ceebee Canada 02/12/2016
Enjoyed playing very much, the last few levels were tough! Thank you very much for making it, hope you make another one.
5 Lucia Spain 02/12/2016
Great riddle, I enjoyed it a lot even if it was a bit difficult. If this is your first riddle I don't want to imagine how complicated the next one can be.
6 Pichi Spain 02/12/2016
Great riddle! Except the number levels :) The rest is fantastic. Special thanks to Dutchie for all your help. Now by Luth2!
7 MishuAnubis Romania 02/12/2016
Amazing riddle, one of the best I ever played. Waiting for 2 now.
8 LinR Canada 02/12/2016
Great riddle, Luthorien. Lots of very clever stuff. I may never forgive you for level V though. LOLOL
9 eyesofblue227 USA 02/12/2016
Luth, thank you for the wonderful riddle! I struggled with sme levels (okay, most of them!), but finally achieved success! Looking forward to the next one! :)
10 Fossa Russia 02/12/2016
That was GREAT! Of course some levels were at the limit of my ability, and the brain was boiling like a kettle, and that was a great fun! Thank you moltissimo! Waiting for the next riddle eagerly... :)
11 Molly Argentina 02/12/2016
Congratulations for the riddle, I really liked the 2nd part, the first very hard, thank you very much.
12 chantilly UK 02/12/2016
It was a great riddle - they were tough, but fair. Thank you so much.
13 Mtatt100 UK 03/12/2016
I really enjoyed playing your riddle a good mixture of puzzles well done for creating it lookingforward to the next one.
14 Tiffy USA 03/12/2016
great job looking forward to your next one! :)
15 Preslavka Bulgaria 03/12/2016
Thank you for that great riddle! It was a real pleasure solving it. Some of the levels were difficult, but not impossible. I hope I see Luthorien Second soon.
16 deecee USA 06/12/2016
Thanks for a very challenging riddle. Can't wait for the next installation.
17 vanPelt Italia 06/12/2016
Thank for the great riddle. It worth playing
18 D.Quijote Netherlands 20/12/2016
54 68 61 6e 6b PFXXK THV0aCw= 01101001 01110100 G@>O 334674 ZnVu MF2A 61 6c 6c 2c 30472564 01101001 00100000 01100001 01101101 G@>3-Bl7P Zm9y 116 104 101 bmV4dA== GE
19 Truus Netherlands 20/12/2016
WOW, this one kept me off the streets for a while... Awesome riddle though, loved all the levels and I really enjoyed solving them. Well, maybe not all, level V was a real pain :P Anyways, hope you will create Luthorien's second riddle soon :) Thanks Luth !!
20 Kas Argentina 16/02/2017
Great riddle! I'm looking forward to the next one.
21 Smile Italia 22/09/2017
The most beautiful game I have ever played! Thank you so much! :D
22 msa Italia 22/09/2017
Grazie di aver creato questo gioco stupendo... Sono contento di averlo completato proprio il giorno del mio compleanno... Mi hai fatto un bellissimo regalo di compleanno... :) Un abbraccio... A presto...
23 Heavy Italia 23/09/2017
Wow Luth! What an exciting riddle! Each level is more beautiful and intriguing than the previous <3 Thanks a lot for all the very good time I spent playing here :)

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