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Algebric notation

K = King ♔ ♚
Q = Queen ♕ ♛
N = kNight ♘ ♞
B = Bishop ♗ ♝
R = Rook ♖ ♜
There is no letter-replacement for the Pawn. ♙ ♟

Each move of a piece is indicated by the piece's uppercase letter, plus the coordinate of the destination square. White Bishop moves from c1 to f4. Bf4
Black Pawn moves from g7 to g6. g6
When a piece makes a capture, an "x" is inserted immediately before the destination square. White Rook in a3 captures the black Pawn in a5. Rxa5
When a pawn makes a capture, the file from which the pawn departed is used to identify the pawn. Black Pawn in h7 captures the white Bishop in g6. hxg6
En passant captures are indicated (optionally) by the suffix e.p. White Pawn in e5 captures the black Pawn in d6 en passant. exd6e.p.
When a pawn moves to the last rank and promotes, the piece promoted
to is indicated at the end of the move notation.
White Pawn goes in b8 and it's promoted to Queen. b8Q
Castling is indicated by the special notations 0-0 (for kingside castling) and 0-0-0 (queenside castling).
Other symbols
 + or Check
 ++Double check
 # or Checkmate
 1-0White won
 0-1Black won
Move evaluation
 ?!Dubious move
 !?Interesting move
 !Good move
 !!Brilliant move
Position evaluation
 =/∞With compensation
 =Even position
 +/=Slight advantage of white
 =/+Slight advantage of black
 +/-Advantage of white
 -/+Advantage of black
 +-Decisive advantage of white
 -+Decisive advantage of black
Other annotation

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