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The resistor code (or electronic color code) is used to indicate the values or ratings of electronic components, very commonly for resistors, but also for capacitors, inductors, and others. Itwas developed in the early 1920s by the Radio Manufacturers Association (now part of Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA)), and was published as EIA-RS-279. The current international standard is IEC 60062. Colorbands were commonly used (especially on resistors) because they were easily printed on tiny components, decreasing construction costs. However, there were drawbacks, especially for color blind people. Overheating of a component, or dirt accumulation, may make it impossible to distinguish brown from red from orange. Advances in printing technology have made printed numbers practical for small components, which are often found in modern electronics. More on Wikipedia.

1st digit2nd digitMultiplierTolerance
4-band color code:

1st digit2nd digit3rd digitMultiplierTolerance
5-band color code:

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